Waxing  and tinting

*Eyebrow  wax  £5.00

*Lip Wax             £4.00

*Chin Wax          £4.00

1/2  Leg  Wax  £13.00

Full Leg Wax  £18.00

Bikini  Wax   £9.00

Underarm    £9.00

Chest /stomach Wax   £15.00

Back Wax    £15.00

*Eyebrow Tint  £5.00

*Eyelash Tint   £5.00

Eyebrow  wax & tint   £8.00

Pick  'n' mix    3 of  the above with  *only for £10.00

BROWS , brows, brows

HD Brows are all about getting the right shape brow to suit & frame your face. At the brow lounge we tailor the brow to YOU !

It Involves:

  • TINT (optional shades to suit you)
  •  WAX


Optional makeup can be applied to show you how to fill in any gaps that may need to grow in.

Quite often with HD Brows we will put the client on a regrowth programme where we will ask you to leave certain areas of your brows that need to grow in & thicken. We promise its worth it !

HD BROWS                                  15.00




  Eye   Eye   Eye

   Party Lashes  £12.00

   Strip Lash  £5.00

Semi Perminate eyelashes full set £40.00

This is a method of attaching strands of lashes to your natural lash to create a fuller more stand out eye without looking too much.

Infills need to catered for as the average lash cycle is 4 - 6 weeks  £15.00

Semi Perm Russian volume lashes full set  £60.00

Russian Lashes is the latest lash technique to hit the UK, often referred to as 2D,3D,4D or 5D Lashes. These lashes are not cluster lashes (which can produce a very fake look) but very fine individual eyelash extensions.  This technique is ideal for Clients with fewer natural lashes or for those looking for a very full glamorous look. Infills will be needed average lash cycle is 4 - 6 weeks:   Infills £25.00

Spray Tan

                                                                                                                                 We use Crazy Angel products

Full body £15.00

Special Offer 2 tan’s

for £20..00


Acrylic Nail with polish           £20.00  

Acrylic Nail with Gel                   £27.00 

Acrylic overlay on natural nail  £15.00

Gel nails     £15.00

Gel Toes   £15.00

Special gel nails & toes   £20.00

Luxury Manicure  £16.00        Luxury Pedicure  £16.00